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Septembers's Designer of the month winner:


Bethany Atack has recently graduated from Leeds College of Art studying Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern design.

You can see more of her work on her Instagram page:


Instagram: @bethatack_textiledesign

About Bethany Atack:

Exploration of colour and neon brights is one of her passions. Bethany has explored the interchangeability between fashion and and interior print/ application. Her bold stylised prints explore the principles of design using a combination of photography and intricate paintings. 


Inspirational Designers: Marsha Reva and Rhianna Ellington have inspired me throughout university exploring vivid colours, mixed media and digital tropical placements.

Dream job: My aspiration in the future would be to see my designs in high end fashion due to the vibrancy and intricate detailing.