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October's Designer of the month winner:


Georgina Price is currently in her third year studying Textiles at the Arts University Bournemouth. You can view more of her work on her Instagram:


Instagram: @georginapricedesign

About Georgina Price :

During her final year at university, Georgina is focusing on print for an interiors application, mixed with techniques such as laser cutting and stitch to add textures to her work. Before Georgina starts sampling she experiments with drawing and collaging to create interesting compositions and shapes, which she then transfer into her fabric designs. Georgina believes colour and textures within her work are extremely important to create exciting, tactile fabrics. Georgina also loves to add detail with more illustrative line drawings to contrast the bold shapes within her work. Her current project focuses on the textural qualities formed from architecture. From this starting point she has been able to start creating interesting, abstract shapes and marks for blankets and furnishing fabrics.


Inspirational Designers: Orla Kiely, Sarah Fennell, Laura Slater and Atelier Bingo.


Favourite textile technique: digital and handprinting to create bold and bright designs.

Dream job: I would absolutely love to start my own company where I would hopefully be able to fulfil my dream of seeing my own products being sold alongside designers I have always looked up to!