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May's Designer of the month winner:


Emma Wilkinson studied Textile Design BA (Hons) at the University of Edinburgh, she also carried out an internship with Hand and Lock where she was trained in embroidery. 





About Emma Wilkinson:

Specialising in embroidery, Emma Wilkinson creates luxurious fashion fabrics which capture her appreciation of beauty whinin the world - both physical and metaphorical. Emma's inspiration comes mainly from her hometown and heritage as well as her previous studies in Law. She also takes inspiration from the way in which fashion changes alongside the rest of the world. Through Emma's training at Hand & Lock, she has learnt various skills and techniques. She has pushed the traditional hand skills she learnt and developed them into her own unique contemporary style. 


Emma's graduate collection, 'Rebuild' tells a story many can relate to - rebuilding yourself out of a destructive time and finding the beauty in change and moving forward. Emma focuses on using traditional techniques that are steeped in history and turning them into a more modern context which allows her embroidery to be rich and exciting. 


Favourite textile technique: "My favourite techniques are goldwork and embellishment of any kind, especially beading. I'm also really interested in material exploration especially with metals. I have created embellishments from oxidised copper, bismuth and pewter most recently and find working with interesting materials not necessarily associated with textiles really exciting."


Inspirational Designers: "I am totally inspired by and completely in awe of the likes of Alexander McQueen, Versace and Balmain for their fearlessness in design. I love Burberry for their respect for tradition but reimagining of what has come before also. I also love the work of Ralph and Russo and Marchesa for their beautiful elegant pieces."


Dream job:  "I have many dream jobs! There's a lot I want to try out and experience in my career. I would love to work in a studio as part of a team, I'd love to keep working on exciting freelance opportunities and eventually i'd love to have a design studio and fashion brand based in Scotland."