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Alongside attending Arts University Bournemouth, Emma Rodak has completed an internship at Hermione De Paula where she was trained in bespoke embellishment.

You can follow her on social media to view more of her work:


Instagram: @emmarodak_embroidery


About Emma Rodak:

Emma's main source of inspiration comes from organic based natural influences in which she loves to expand on and exaggerate the shapes and textures through manipulation and embellishment. Designing for Fashion outcomes, Emma enjoys to experimenting with diverse ways embroidery and knit designs can sit and wrap on the body with catwalk influences. She loves combining the value of traditional hand embroidery and time-consuming embellishment techniques, with new and modern techniques of digital embroidery and laser cutting in order to keep her work unique and contemporary.


Emma will be completing a 2 month internship for Hand & Lock in May 2019 where she will get the chance to learn traditional embroidery techniques of gold work and tambour beadinng, which will develop her range of skills even further.


Favourite textile technique: I love making unusual textures to touch through embroidery and machine knit which I then heavily decorate with extreme embellishment. I create my own embellishments on the laser cutter and CAD, as well as seeking out ordinary objects I could integrate into my designs as un-conventional embellishment. I love to enhance my embellishment with intricate beading.


Inspirational DesignersSome of my favorite designers include Nguyen Cong Tri, in which I admire the use of exaggerated organic manipulation draped onto the body. I also love the beautifully intricate embroidery of Alexander McQueen’s haute couture collections.

Dream job: It would be amazing to be part of a couture embroidery team working in a high-end embroidery studio helping to embellish beautiful garments. I’d also love to sell some quirky embroidery pieces on the side!