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Jenny Harris was born and raised in Hertfordshire, North of London. She is currently in her final year at De Montfort University, Leicester. She has just completed a short placement at NEXT head office and is hoping to present her latest collection at New Designers 2018. 

You can follow her social media's to view more of her work:


instagram: @jennyhtextiles
facebook: jennyhtextiles

Linkedin: jennyharristextiles




About Jenny Harris:

Beauty within natural growth and untouched surface is something that inspires me, fuelling my design as a Printed Textiles Designer. I find the technical exploration of hand screen printing very rewarding, alongside digital design and working in repeat. Drawing has become a predominant skill throughout my life – not only when I became a student at DMU.


My most current project explores the timeless, chilling atmosphere throughout the winter climate. From this, capturing the delicate detail of nature’s instinctive rhythm and surface and how a scene so beautiful can withhold such loss of growth. I also experiment using various mediums such as paint, inks, and marbling techniques – I am fond of the control I have over a pencil or pen, however fascinated of the free changing results I gain from using inks. My current project explores a mixture of these elements, and how layering components could lead me to designing a contemporary and innovative interior collection to hopefully present at New Designers 2018.


Favourite textile technique: Registered hand screen printing in repeat. 


Inspirational Designers: Much of my inspiration comes from artists as well as designers. Such as, Mary Katrantzou, Markus Lupfer, @Adiasdesigns (instagram account) and Olya Tra.

Dream job: My dream job is to be able to paint all day, have my own label with my own studio, however at the moment my aim is to work for a High End Interior Printed Textiles company in London.