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We spotted Harriets work at New Designers 2016 mainly for her use of colour and texture within her knit designs. Harriet was exhibiting with her fellow classmates from Leeds University, at stand T29. We asked her a few questions about her time at New Designers. 


Why is New Designers an important show to be involved in?
It’s a really exciting opportunity to showcase your final years work alongside the other top design students in the country. New Designers is a great way to begin your career and get your work out there.
How did New Designers benefit you? 
It was really good to be able to showcase my work at such a prestigious event and to have the opportunity to network.
Any other general comments about New Designers: 
New Designers was a great opportunity to see other peoples work from other universities around the country, and to be able to network with other graduates that I could be working alongside in the future. 



July's Designer of the Month: 


Her final collections are a combination of hand and machine knitting, aimed at haute couture womenswear for Spring/Summer 2016. Inspiration was taken from ceramics such as pottery and tiles, to create repeat patterns and mostly symmetrical designs. The 3D aspect of pottery encouraged her textural knitwear designs.
The colours evolved during Harriets project, resulting in bold, bright and energetic pieces. Instead of creating conventional colour harmonies there is vibrant imbalance, informed by colour theory. As there is such strong contrast in the colours, she chose to use a more limited colour pallet.
To add individuality to her work, Harriet combined fine, structured 12 gauge machine knit with chunky hand knitting, varying textures and structures within a piece to create visually stimulating, textural pieces. The yarns were carefully chosen, informed by her internship at a natural fibre yarn company. The extremely soft and chunky hand knitting yarn contrasts with the man-made monofilament used in the fine machine knitting, making the designs airy and suitable for Spring Summer 2016.


Harriet's favourite textile technique: 

Harriet's favourite hand knitting technique is loop stitch, she loves the textures that it creates. On the Dubied machines she has experimented with knitting on the front and back beds separately, creating different shapes in different formations.


Favourite Designers: 

The work Harriet has done this year has been inspired by Katie Jones knitwear collections. Her bold use of colour and technique combinations is something she aspired to do in her own work. Harriet was also inspired by Delpozo, and Camille Hardwick.


Dream Job:

Her dream job would be a Knitwear Designer. Harriet would love to work with experienced designers who inspire her.


You can view more of Harriets work on her social medias: 


Instagram: @harrietbournedesigns

Twitter: @harrietbourne09









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