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January's Designer of the month:


Tilly Reynolds is currently in third year, studying Textiles for Fashion and Interiors at The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. 


Instagram: @tillyreynoldstextiles



About Tilly: 

Tillys interest in textiles stemmed from a fascination in the ability to create an individual identity through a variety of colours and textures. She specialises in woven textiles and would love the opportunity to expand her knowledge, techniques and skills in a variety of art disciplines.


One of Tillys biggest interests is farming and subsequently one of her favourite materials to work with is wool. Through university, Tilly has been exploring this material, including the use of Jacob's fleece, sourced from a local farm. 


Tilly would like to specialise in the interiors industry, using her woven patterns to create rugs and carpets. Tilly believes that soft furnishings have a powerful impact over the atmosphere of an interior and would love to use her designs to transform spaces with her unique style.


Favourite textile technique:

"One of my main passions is weaving. I enjoy experimenting with techniques such as indigo dying, spinning by hand, block threading and point threading. Materials are a big part of my design concept as well; I have always enjoyed working with different types of fibres, such as wool, cotton & silk."


Designers that inspire:

"Margo Selby, Roger Oates, Paul Smith and Suzanne Sharp."


Dream job:

"My dream job would be a Flooring Designer or Textile Designer. I would love to create rugs and carpets to fill an interior space, full of inspiration and unique flair."