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February's Designer of the month:


Maria Urânia Oliveira Brasil is a fashion designer with a passion for embroidery, she has set up her own business selling beautiful tapestries and embroideries.  You can view more of her work and inspirations on her social medias:

Instagram: @urania_design

Etsy: URANIADesign


About Maria:

Maria was born in the Azores islands, in the middle of the Athlantic ocean, and went to Portugal mainland to study Fashion Design in Covilhã, at Universidade da Beira Interior in 2015. Maria has had vast experience in the textile industry including working in a designer's atelier, in a garments factory and in a luxury portuguese brand. She now works for a fashion accessories brand where she designs stylish accessories such as scarves. Maria is mainly inspired by her travels where she descovers new cultures, inspiring patterns and exciting colour combinations. Through her passion for textiles, Maria began exploring the world of embroidery and tapestries. She learned lots of techniques through her career and was also taught as a child by her mother and grandma and this has led her to launch her own business selling contemporary embroidery and tapestry pieces.


Favourite textile technique: Embroidery and tapestry, handmade of course! 


Inspirational DesignersI get inspired by other artists from several areas like: Vanessa Barragão, Margarida Fleming, Camilla Frances, Trini Guzman - holaleon, and by everything that comes on my screen with a beautiful color combination.


Dream Job: My dream job is to make my project Urânia Design my main job, to fully dedicate myself to it and make of it a home decoration brand made of unique, colorfull and handmade items by me.