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Decembers Designer of the month winner:


After spending three years in London studying BA textiles, Mia Winston-Hart has recently moved to Hampshire and started sewing again after having a few months off after graduating.  



Instagram: @winstonart_


About Mia: 

Mia loves working with different materials and combining traditional embroidery with beading/sequins and punchneedle techniques. Her main inspiration is nature after growing up in the countryside and a lot of Mia's work, especially her paintings have a botanical theme. She especially enjoys experimenting with beads and sequins to create interesting pieces with plenty of sparkle!


"I think it is important to be conscious about sustainability in the textiles world so I try my best to use reclaimed materials as a backing for my hoops. I use a mix of vintage and new beads and sequins which I find on eBay (one mans junk is another’s treasure) as well as Etsy!"


Favourite textile technique:

I’m a mixed media girl! But love using a mix of tradition embroidery stitches and beading. 


Designers that inspire:

Vanessa Barragão, Woodstock London and Lora Avedian. 


Dream job:

I would love to be able to work freelance full time! However I am going back to uni next year to do my PGCE so I can continue to work with young people teaching and inspiring them through art & design.