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Decembers Designer of the month winner:


Maddy Page is currently in third year studying Fashion & Textiles design at Winchester School of Art, part of University of Southampton, specialising in Knitwear for Fashion. 



Instagram: @maddypageknitwear



About Maddy: 


Throughout university Maddy has experimented with various different materials such as leathers and plastics and although she specialises in knitwear she would also call herself a mixed-media designer. Maddy has been encouraged to expand her skills as a fashion illustrator as well as a designer and this is something she has become very passionate about. She explores different ways of drawing and creates detailed, graphic illustrations of her knitwear in context. 


Recently, Maddy has started her pre-collection, which is inspired by the centennial of suffrage. Many feminist artists, especially Louise Bourgeois are huge inspirations for Maddys knitwear collections. In this latest collection she hopes to create a very provocative and exciting collection that reflects her appreciation for women and the strength of feminism.



Favourite textile technique:

Embroidery on knitwear.


Designers that inspire:

Vivienne Westwood, Martin Marginal & Katie Jones.


Dream job:

I have always said I would love to work with Vivienne Westwood, because I find her so inspiring, and have a huge girl crush on her. I am really open to any opportunities that come my way in my final year at university, and really excited about whats next to come.