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Lottie Milbank is a second year BA Hons Textile Design student studying at Northbrook Metropolitan College, Sussex.

You can view more of her work on her social media:


Instagram: @lottiemilbankdesigns

Artsthread: Lottie Milbank



About Lottie Milbank:

Lottie begins her design process by drawing. Influenced by her surroundings she can find inspiration almost anywhere, but she is particularly inspired by nature and architecture. She loves creating bold colour combinations using a wide range of mark-making techniques to create different textures and pattern. She uses digital technology such as Adobe Photoshop to experiment with layering and to create interesting compositions. Lottie also has a strong interest in photography, and incorporates this into her textile design projects. 


With Lottie's strong eye for colour and detail, she uses a variety of different marks. To achieve her unique style, she experiments with thickness of line, shape, layering and motif placement. With a strong interest in trend forecasting, Lottie creates beautiful mood boards which help her throughout the design process. 


In 2017, Lottie won second place in the Bradford Textile Society Awards - P3 Clothworkers Foundation Award for printed textile design. Early 2018, she was also shortlisted for the FESPA Printeriors competition.


Favourite textile technique: My interests and skills lie within digital and traditional printing methods for womenswear. I enjoy combining techniques and have a real love for tactile techniques and media, including puff binder overlaid on top of my designs.


Inspirational Designers: Inspirational artists include Laura Slater, Tom Abbiss Smith, Cassie Byrnes and Kitty McCall.

Dream job: My dream job would be to have my own studio space and create vibrant exciting designs for womenswear, possibly having my own label.